Stop! In the name of love

It may just have been coincidence, but the first vocals I heard this morning when I tuned into the “new” CBC Radio 2 were these opening lines from One sung by Johnny Cash:

“Is it getting better/Or do you feel the same?”

The answer: no, it’s not getting better and, yes, I do feel the same.

Poor Tom Allen, host of Radio 2’s morning show for ten years, is doing his best under the new regime, but it’s sad to hear him talk about his mysterious playlist. Who exactly, I ask you, is the audience that CBC is aiming to reach when Cash is followed by Stevie Wonder, Carmen McRae and Soul Jazz Express? I pride myself on a reasonably eclectic taste in music but those four diverse talents would be a bit of a stretch for most people.

Tempo, the classical music show that begins at 10 a.m., is more to my liking, but who can listen at that time of the day? As for Radio 2 Drive at 4 p.m., the promo doesn’t tempt me in the least: “Just like the top 40 without the top 40 and the glib-glab.” Say what?

CBC Radio 2’s revamp is a disaster.

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