Monthly Archive: December 2010


Having said yesterday I didn’t know where share price was headed, I proceeded to predict there would be a major move either up or down once Research In Motion results were released today. Well, RIM was up $3 at one point and down $1 at another in after-hours trading, but then settled out a mere 2 per cent higher despite posting a 40 per cent improvement in profits and beating the estimate on guidance. Not so long ago, a year or two back, such powerful results would have sent share price higher by as much as 8 per cent. These...

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RIM at the crossroads?

I have no idea, unlike those analysts who purport to know everything, what the numbers will look like when Research In Motion reports third quarter earnings after the market closes tomorrow. All I know is that one side or another is going to be right and the share price is likely to make a major move up or down. The other thing I know is that things have come to a pretty pass when BusinessWeek (no stranger to bad times itself) takes to laughing at the co-CEO’s tie. What’s that got to do with anything? Meanwhile, if you want the...

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Collateral damage

Julian Assange is a hero; Julian Assange is a criminal. Those are the two schools of thought about the anarchist (we can all agree on that) who through WikiLeaks has released thousands upon thousands of documents from multiple sources. He claims all he wants is justice but what he’s done is illegal. I’m not one of those angst-ridden writers who sees conspiracies at every turn and claims Assange is all about free speech. The video showing the Eighth Cavalry aboard an Apache helicopter killing unarmed civilians and a journalist in Baghdad is one thing, but the most recent avalanche of...

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