Glory days

In the last few months, Cito Gaston (Blue Jays), Cliff Fletcher (Leafs), Don Matthews (Argos) and Pat Quinn (world junior hockey), have all been hired to manage or otherwise lead teams. What do they have in common, other than talent? They’re all seniors. (OK, I cheated; Cito is a spring chicken at 64.)

What does this say about sports?

(a) It’s back to the 90s;

(b) There’s no one else available;

(c) Geezers are in style;

(d) all of the above.

If you answered (d), congratulations. You’re likely a geezer, too.

I, for one, welcome this resurgence of retirees being restored to their rightful roles. With John McCain running for U.S. president at 72, the times they are a changing – right back to the way they were.

And if anyone wants to pick a fight, I’ve got George Chuvalo ready and waiting at ringside. He turns 71 on Friday.

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