Monthly Archive: March 2009

Watch for the birdie

Is President Obama becoming too visible? In the last week I’ve seen him yukking it up with Jay Leno, talking on 60 Minutes about how many decisions he makes, and tonight he’s holding his second prime time news conference. The only memorable moment in the first press session was that he didn’t just call on the usual suspects, he also fingered Huffington Post for a question. As for 60 Minutes, I’m not sure how helpful it was to show off what the president called the “Rolls-Royce of swing sets” given the precarious state of most household budgets. With these sorts...

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Looking for the old Dodge

What is David Dodge up to taking on the optimists in Ottawa? Always a plain-spoken man, he was somewhat muzzled in recent years, first as a deputy minister, then as governor of the Bank of Canada. In those roles, he either had to say nothing or measure his words so the C$ wouldn’t take a dive. As a former journalist and sometime author (my book on Manulife and CEO Dominic D’Alessandro will be published this May) I’m all in favour of bright people speaking their minds. But I think it’s inappropriate for the former governor to take on the current...

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