Monthly Archive: December 2009

A wrong-headed ruling

The Supreme Court ruling yesterday about new defences on libel claims has many in the media cheering. Journalists now have new latitude when it comes to chasing stories and defending their work against those who feel wronged and sue for libel. As a long-time journalist and author, I think what the courts have done is a grievous error and sets up a series of new ways of measuring the sting of libel that will be difficult to define. The fact that we are now in sync with the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand gives me no ease. As someone...

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New directions

The two most recent appointments to the Manulife board of directors show interesting new directions for corporate governance. In the past, most directors were picked almost solely for their management experience. Current and former CEOs, for example, were always favored for boards because they knew how to run organizations. Under Gail Cook-Bennett as chair, the Manulife board wants new members to have similar experience but to bring some other helpful knowledge as well. Not only is new board member Linda Bammann a woman, bringing the number of females on the board to three of seventeen, she has U.S. experience where...

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