Reveries and revisits

In the last week, I’ve talked to half a dozen people who are headed to Florence this fall. Lucky them. This is absolutely the best time to be traveling there. The sweltering days of summer are gone and so are the throngs. The lineups at the Uffizi will be almost bearable; getting a table for dinner just about anywhere should be fairly easy.

A few days ago, Sandy and I went for a walk there, too. We started at Via Roma 3, stopped at Gilli in Piazza della Repubblica for a latte, continued under arch, past Armani and Palazzo Strozzi where we peeked in at the art exhibit, meandered down Via de Tornabuoni to Ferragamo, crossed the Arno on Santa Trinita, and ended up at Santo Spirito. All in our minds, of course. I tended to remember the buildings and the buskers, Sandy the shops and the fashion, but together we could pretty much recall every step of what is a 15-20 minute walk.

Tomorrow we visit Santa Croce to pay our respects at the tomb of Michelangelo. Anyone care to come along?

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