You can go home again (The Sequel)

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  1. Annie Graham says:

    Hi Rod…..I read with great interest your stories of dear old Guelph. But I have to correct Joey’s memory….the candy shop at the corner of Cork and St. George’s Square was “Goody Sweets” not Victoria Sweets! I remember gazing in the window at the huge candy canes at Xmas and then there was the custom decorating on the chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.
    Do you remember the restaurant on Wyndham St across from the Odeon that served up a toasted Danish with our cherry cokes? It seems we girls thought a more sophisticated snack was in order. The Treanon was for date nights.
    Best wishes from
    Annie (and Garth)

  2. Rod McQueen says:

    I think the restaurant that served you toasted Danish was the Vorvis. I agree with you, the candy and nut shop was called Goody Sweets, not Victoria Sweets, as Slinger claims. But wasn’t it on Quebec Street, not Cork, at St. George’s Square?

  3. Silver Lady says:

    How could you and Slinger possibly forget the most decadent, sublime treat that Guelph had to offer at that time, the BUTTERSCOTCH SUNDAES at Scott’s Soda Bar on Delhi Street. They were made with real dairy ice cream, lathered in the most delicious butterscotch sauce, topped with real whipped cream and a maraschino cherry, all served in a huge tulip glass. The ultimate pleasure was to look into your boyfriend’s eyes as your tongue swirled around the enticing melting ice cream and butterscotch topping, the senuous melding of tastes and textures and perhaps of things unspoken. As you said, no worries in that day re weight or calories or cholesterol, just the experience of pure, guiltless, pleasure.

  4. karen abbott says:

    The peacock restaurant was the restaurant with danish pastry. The vorvis was across the street from the Treanon. Ah the memories of a misspent youth!

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