Two wrongs make a right

Economists have it easy. When they make a prediction about some exotic marker like GDP growth or inflation, they can keep revising their numbers as time passes so they look good in the end. The same is not the case when it comes to talking about technology.

Take my post on May 17, BlackPad Bunkum, where I went to some lengths to say that Research In Motion couldn’t possibly have a competitor to iPad on the way because co-CEO Mike Lazaridis had said he’d never do it. The size of the current BlackBerry was just fine with him. Moreover, touchscreen was a non-starter. He preferred a physical keyboard.

Well, did I ever get that wrong. Since then, RIM has launched the Torch with a keypad and BlackPad is coming, probably before Christmas, with an operating system designed by QNX Software, recently acquired by RIM. QNX also does operating systems for BMW. Too bad there are no warning lights to stop us bloggers from taking the wrong road.

As for Lazaridis changing his mind, good for him. Business leaders need to respond to markets and RIM has always shown itself able to revise its direction and revamp its offerings, just like those economists.

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