The reviews are coming in

And they are generally positive for the new BlackBerry Torch. Walter S. Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal says it’s “a big improvement … closer to its newer rivals.” As for the speculation that the future of Research In Motion is behind it, he says “RIM is hardly dead or dying.” His main complaint is that there are too few apps.

For Dushan Batrovic of Dundee Capital Markets the apps are not important. “We have downloaded a total of 10-15 apps on our iPhone and rarely use any of them. Perhaps there are some perfect apps out there but we just haven’t the time or initiative to filter through the list of 200K+ choices to find them,” Batrovic writes in a research note.

As for overall performance, “We prefer the Torch to the iPhone because we value efficient messaging (business and personal) and well-organized news flows over apps and media. We like our music/podcasts and the Torch gives us an adequate experience. We value web browsing and the Torch finally makes the grade,” says Batrovic.

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