The dogs of Tuscany

Yesterday afternoon’s Tuscany workshop was a great success. Putting together local tour operators with people from Tuscan hospitality services was a brilliant idea and a suitable launch for Enzo Colombo as he takes up his new post in Toronto as director for Canada of the Italian Government Tourist Board.

I arrived at the Columbus Centre in time for the evening event which included a speech by Enzo as well as a wonderful videotape of Tuscan scenery and art treasures which brought back many memories. Among the many items portrayed was Donatello’s David, my favorite work of art in all of Italy. David – not Michelangelo’s David – is in the Bargello in Florence and was the first statue done in the round since ancient times.

Another one of my favorites shown was the tomb of Ilaria del Carretto in Lucca, an hour northwest of Florence. I have always liked the dog at her feet, a symbol of her faithfulness. There are no tombs of Italian men shown with their dog, which may say something about their wayward ways.

Among the noteworthy guests at last night’s event were Veronica Ferrucci, Consul of Italy, and Paolo Ponti, Italian Trade Commissioner, both of whom are based in Toronto. Riccardo Strano, director for North America, was heading back to New York by the time I arrived.

I made a few remarks about Fantasy in Florence and gave away a few copies of our book. It’s the least I can do in return for the welcome Sandy and I received when we lived in Florence.

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  1. Hi Rod,

    Just finished ‘Fantasy in Florence’ and enjoyed it immensely! I think my favourite part was the tour of the winery in Montalcino. I am completely dying to try Brunello wine and found three different types of it at the local LCBO for around (like you said) the $60 range. Have put a bottle on my Christmas list!

    Such wonderful experiences you and your wife had! I really hope I get to go to Florence some day, and I’m sure your book will come in handy when/if I do.

    My best,

    Maggie 😀

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