Buon Natale

The first Christmas card to arrive at our house this year is from Angela Caputi, a wonderful jewelery designer and entrepreneur we met while living in Florence. Angela was one of many local artisans who opened her doors and her heart to us while we were there. I showed up unannounced at her retail outlet on Via Santo Spirito and could see her working at her desk through a glass wall. When I spoke to one of her assistants about meeting her, there was no hesitation, and Angela immediately came to the shop floor. Angela speaks excellent English, far better than my halting Italian, but she asked if she could conduct the interview in French, which was fine with me.

We chatted for two hours and toured the area where half a dozen women build her line of necklaces based on Angela’s designs. I learned that her ideas can and do come from anywhere. “Style changes every night. I am always searching for something new as well as pleasure from color and material.” She uses beads, semi-precious stones and tassels to create elegant pieces that are light and eye-catching. You can see more of them in retail outlets in Ottawa, Montreal, Milan and New York as well as online. Stylish work by a stylish lady.

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