Chaos and disorder

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. Everywhere you turn these days the world seems to be coming apart at the seams. Climate change, global warming and greenhouse gases are causing flooding in Africa, ten feet of snow in California, Colorado lows, and tornadoes touching down whenever and wherever they want.
In the cities, everything seems to be coming asunder. Toronto is now more congested than New York, meth addicts are all too visible on the streets, and a gang of girls as young as thirteen swarm and beat a homeless man minding his own business on a bench. 
A retired and beloved CBC employee is randomly shoved on the Danforth and dies. Women are beaten on the streets or pushed in front of subway trains. Persons unknown demand Canada Goose coats off the backs of their owners. 
There are no longer any rules of the road. Drivers, three at a time, zoom through red lights rather than wait two more minutes for their left turn. In Quebec a bus driver rams into a school. A few days later a copycat intentionally mows down pedestrians. In Vancouver, drivers and their passengers blocked from crossing a bridge because a man in the middle claims he’s ready to jump into the river below, shout at him to get on with his suicide.
A proxy war in far-off Ukraine threatens to cause a global calamity. Previously healthy banks show the frailty of the financial system by collapsing. Central banks driving up interest rates to slow inflation fail to achieve their goals while wreaking havoc on small businesses forced into bankruptcy and beleaguered families who can’t make ends meet. 
What’s the cause for all this chaos, trauma, and stress? The Covid-19 pandemic? The abandonment of churches by their flocks? Disintegration of the ties that bind?
Where is the light that shines in our darkness? Not in the hide-the-truth Justin Trudeau. Not in the dotty Joe Biden. There’s only one place left to turn. We must find the light within ourselves.

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