If I ran the world

If I ran the world, here’s what I’d do:
* make vaccinations mandatory for all, even the anti-vaxxers and religious pull-backers; the rest of us have constitutional rights, too;
* ban any and all tattoos on women; they’re reprehensible;
* while we’re at it, lets’s ban those stretch Lululemon-style yoga leggings when they’re worn on the streets as the only body covering below the waist. Some women might be able to carry off such attire, but not many;
* send Justin Trudeau to a voice coach to get rid of his annoying habit of pausing to draw a breath on every fourth word; it’s hard to imagine he once taught drama with such an issue that would foul up any soliloquy;
* fix LottoMax so I’d win, just once, and then I promise I’ll never buy another ticket thus leaving the loot for others;
* withdraw Quebec’s use of the notwithstanding clause to pass a bill that would eliminate the ability of residents to wear religious clothing while working; if the province is not racist, as Premier Francois Legault stoutly maintains, throwing out this law would make honest his words;
* have rain fall only at night. Gently. For plants and flowers;
* force telecoms into real competition;
* end all Covid-related payments to individuals and companies; the economy has returned to normal except for those ne’er-do-wells who like the easy money over the many jobs now available; 
* require open bids on houses listed for sale rather than the current hidden system that advantages real estate agents by yielding them bigger commissions as they encourage prices higher than they need to be;
* replace Tiff Macklem as governor of the Bank of Canada with someone who focuses only on monetary matters rather than politicizing the role;
* end the pandemic so we can all get back to normal;
* wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and the capacity for gratitude.





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