Exit stage left

When Justin Trudeau first announced the legalization of cannibis, I thought it was a good idea. Now that the day has almost arrived, I am not so sure. In particular, I have my doubts that legit pot will in any measurable way impinge upon black market sales. Such transactions will still occur after the legit stores are closed. Backstreet dealers might even offer credit for a day or two, another factor that differs from the official pot places.

But that’s not my only problem with Trudeau. The USMC has been a bit of a snow job. Trudeau made much of retaining Chapter Nineteen for dispute resolution when that device has hardly been used under NAFTA. And why exactly do we need to go to such lengths to protect dairy farmers, anyway? For the sake of a handful of ridings in Quebec?

Foreign relations are at a low ebb, too. Provoking Saudi Arabia with a tweet about human rights was foolish. You talk about such matters diplomatically, not through social media. The Saudis have relented on some of their demands for hundreds of students to return home, but the disruption in peoples’ live has been horrific for no obvious gain. And our armoured vehicles are still being used for nefarious purposes in Yemen.

Moreover, for a former drama teacher, Trudeau doesn’t have anything like a smooth speaking manner. He often interrupts himself several times with “ahs” in the midst of a single sentence. And what about that annoying breathlessness? Hasn’t anyone reminded him to fill up his diaphragm for the best sound? I could go on, but I think Justin Trudeau is beatable in the next election, an outcome that seemed well nigh impossible when he won a majority three years ago this month.

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