Second thoughts

Previously when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke, if only briefly, about his alleged groping eighteen years ago, it didn’t seem as if he remembered it. He talked about the day, and the music festival, but the incident? Nothing, nada, rien. Today, following his meeting with Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Trudeau was more responsive and answered several questions from the media on the touchy topic.

Correct me if I got the wrong impression, but didn’t it seem that his selective amnesia had abated somewhat? Upon reflection, he now appeared to recall an interaction but concluded that it was not untoward. He even admitted that what a man saw as benign might be viewed differently by the woman involved. And that, he said, was part of the process society was currently going through with the #MeToo movement. Who knows, the way his mind is unfolding, maybe Trudeau will awake tomorrow and call for an investigation into his actions during which he will confess all.

But, you know what? I for one am getting a little fed up. This poor vintner from Ontario’s Prince Edward County has had his livelihood and reputation shattered by allegations of attempted kisses and fumbled advances. His purported acts were nothing like Charlie Rose locking his office door so he could have his way with every young female intern over the years. But the outcome is the same; a professional life is finished.

The problem is that there’s no due process, the axe automatically falls on the man. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Don’t get me wrong, I think obnoxious men should have their comeuppance, but let’s weigh both sides carefully, and not come down so hard on some guy we never heard of before. That’s a #MeToo movement I could support.

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