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Am I the only one who thinks Drake was showboating the other night when he wore that Humboldt Broncos hoodie to the Raptors-Wizards basketball game? You know Drake, don’t you, the Toronto boy who became famous as a rapper, the first music invented in my lifetime that I don’t like. But there he was, to the cheers of 20,000 fans, paying his respects to the sixteen hockey players and staff killed in a collision with a transport truck.

These days, lots of people are wearing hockey jerseys as a tribute to the team. I was in the underground Path one day last week and many passers-by wore just such gear. But there’s a difference. Each of them went to their closet that morning and picked out a favourite. There was a preponderance of Leafs jerseys, but many other NHL teams were represented, too. I also saw a Sidney Crosby Team Canada shirt, a vintage Wayne Gretzky, and one from the Oshawa Generals.

In contrast, Drake had his made special. Maybe it wasn’t even his idea; maybe someone in his entourage organized the whole thing and laid it out for him at game time. Kind of a bespoke without speaking. How much of Drake actually went into the outfit may be minimal, except for the payment. I can’t imagine what it cost. $500? More?

What else can you expect from a so-called Raptors fan like Drake who has at best been an on-again off-again supporter this season? And someone who recently attended a private party at his newest Toronto restaurant for the visiting team, Raptors’ nemesis LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers. Wonder what colours Drake wore that night?

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