Seizing the moment

With a race on for leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, where a few days ago there wasn’t even a track on which to run, I choose Caroline Mulroney. So do others who could have offered such as Lisa Raitt and Rod Phillips. Interesting that for all the sudden chaos in the party, there are so many thoughtful people stepping into the breach. That’s a good sign for any organization.

Let me quickly declare my conflict in supporting Caroline. At one time, she worked for my son at Wellington Financial (now CIBC Innovation Banking) and my grandson is a friend of one of her sons. That’s surely enough inner circle connections to make some people suspicious of my support. But I’ve met Caroline many times over the years, encouraged her over lunch last year to run for MPP, and believe she has the royal jelly for the top role. I was in politics myself in the 1970s and have been a close observer ever since. I recognize potential when I see it.

As for her famous name, she embraces it, as well she should. Shakespeare had some lines that apply here: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” In Caroline’s case, all three apply. For those with talent, when greatness is thrust upon them, they grow in office. I’ve seen it in politics as an insider and I’ve seen it in business as a journalist.

After the alleged shenanigans of Patrick Brown and Rick Dykstra, Caroline Mulroney is just what the party and the Province of Ontario need right now: clarity and class in the clutch.


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