The year that was

A lot has happened in 2017. Earlier this year, Barack Obama was president of the United States. Here’s my top ten list of memorable events.

Best TV series: The Crown.

The celebrity I miss the most: David Letterman.

Worst thing that did not happen: Nuclear war with North Korea.

Best thing that did happen: Recently learned about 75 boxes of files helpful for my current book project.

Best day: Boat trip under sunny skies skippered by Aeneas to Little Fogo Island, Newfoundland, amid Northern Gannett, Atlantic Puffin and Razorbills along with cod hauled up from the deep.

Best Book: Hero of the Empire, by Candice Millard, a gripping tale about Winston Churchill as a journalist covering the Boer War.

Biggest disaster: Donald J. Trump.

Biggest disappointment: Justin Trudeau.

Best thing I did: Volunteered at the Daily Bread Food Bank.

Best time: Anytime I’m with my partner.

Best wishes to all for good health and much happiness in 2018.

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