Backbone before brain

I don’t like Donald Trump. No one I know does. He’s a groper, a blowhard, and a liar. But, you know what? He’s getting things done. They might not be what you or I would want but they are what he said he would do. He’s designated Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, taken two million acres of national monument and turned the land over to strip miners, altered the makeup of the Supreme Court, and may get a tax bill that pays off his oligarch donors.

Meanwhile, Ottawa has become Never-Never Land. As one of those who voted for the Justin Trudeau Liberals, after two years in office I am disappointed in how few major campaign promises have been kept. I believed he would act with some haste to improve the lot of indigenous people and begin a massive program of infrastructure projects. Instead we have fruitless attempts to tell China how to handle human rights and the welcome mat rolled out for returning Canadian citizens who fought with ISIS. I believe in the redemption of man, but those who took up arms for the other side should have their citizenship and passports revoked.

And as for Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Trudeau’s defence of his actions has gone beyond the pale. Morneau should resign. I’d like to think if I were Morneau’s chief of staff and was told I had to be the gatekeeper on some issues because my minister – the wealthiest member of cabinet – would not put his holdings in a blind trust, I would have said, “Minister, this will catch up with you. Don’t do it this way. Establish a blind trust.” Apparently no one had the courage or the conviction to make the case.

No, I don’t want a Donald Trump running our country. But despite my Pearsonian Liberal, Red Tory, bleeding-heart tendencies, I’d like Justin Trudeau to show a little more toughness and lot less naiveté.

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