Say you want a revolution

I’m not even half-way through my Sunday New York Times and already I’ve read four stories about Canada. The first was President Trump’s tweet about his “new found friend” Justin Trudeau; the second described up and coming Canadian comedians; the third focussed on Trudeau’s penchant for wearing socks that commemorate the occasion; and the fourth featured a couple living in Brooklyn with three children still at home who each have three passports: U.S., U.K. and Canadian. Canada is not only the most popular, two of the three kids are on different canoe trips in Canada even as we speak, one of which is fifty-two days in duration.

What gives? For years the only mention of Canada in the U.S. was the TV weather forecaster blaming tomorrow’s cold spell on an Alberta clipper. Suddenly, we’ve become inescapable and could soon see Canada on the cover of Time with the line: Canada’s Turn at the Top.

What will happen if Americans start paying attention to us? Where will this leave our lack of self-confidence when we compare ourselves to their presumed might and moxie? What will become of our love-hate relationship if they decide to like us? NAFTA might survive but will our Id?

For my part, I say let them feel jealous for a change. We might even have to stop making excuses for ourselves and be forced to perform at a level above mediocre where far too often we function. Bring it on!

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