Strike out

Just when you thought Toronto couldn’t look any more foolish, what with a baseball fan throwing a beer can at an outfielder, someone goes to court to stop Cleveland from being called the Indians. Douglas Cardinal, a renowned architect and indigenous Canadian, argued he would be affronted to see the Indians play last night at Rogers Centre. Then Cardinal went to China where he probably couldn’t or didn’t watch the game anyway.

I’d like first to declare my bona fides when it comes to such matters. I’ve helped raise money for the Native Canadian Centre so I think I can say, without being accused of racism, that Cardinal’s actions made Canadians look like a bunch of tinpots. There we were, down two games to none, trying to get the other guys to miss practice and spend the day instead ripping letters and Chief Wahoo logos off their uniforms.

Fortunately, the judge dismissed the case, although Cardinal has lodged his complaint with other boards and commissions. Such nonsense has nothing at all to do with baseball. In support, I quote my favourite New York newspaper columnist of all time, Jimmy Breslin, who said, “Baseball isn’t statistics, it’s Joe DiMaggio rounding second base.” Substitute whining for statistics and you’ll know what I’m saying.

So, what did the Indians do in the face of such an epic attack? They won to go three games to none. When it comes to Indians, now I know how General Custer felt.

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