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In the last few days I’ve read an article about how Justin Trudeau was the first to put his hand on his heart when he spoke, a move other politicians have copied. And I’ve read a piece about how a bust of Napoleon or Caesar or somebody famous looked just like our prime minister. Oh, and a friend told me that he saw Trudeau playing with his kids in an Ottawa park on a Sunday morning – just like any other father. Next thing you know, the summer sun dappling on my garage door will create an image of our leader and the world will gather in my driveway to pay homage.

I like Trudeau; I voted for him. But I’m wondering when his photo-op life will be replaced by parliamentary action. So far, it looks like the deficit could reach $30 billion without creating any new jobs. And the infrastructure that was supposed to create jobs goes unannounced. And the new chair of the Gordie Howe Bridge is talking about buying the Ambassador Bridge rather than building the bridge he was appointed to build. And marijuana looks like it will be tougher to buy than in the past, which in fact is just fine with me.

But do we really want judges and lawyers applying for positions on the Supreme Court? And is the review panel that will pick new justices really independent? Didn’t I read somewhere there’s a parallel selection committee in the office of the prime minister? What happened to employment insurance reform? What happened to change?

I believe it was Justin Trudeau who said during the election campaign, “We need to know that when we vote, it matters.” Well, does it?

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