Fuddle-duddle Part II

Who was that unmasked man who beat up on MPs in Ottawa this week? Why it was none other than our own prime minister, a legend in his own mind, with his mind gone AWOL. What was he thinking, people ask as he frogmarched Conservative Whip Gord Brown and caused collateral damage to NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brousseau. Safe to say, Justin Trudeau wasn’t thinking at all.

Images from the floor of the House of Commons have been aired on every major newscast in every major country around the world. The scene was reminiscent of fisticuffs in other legislative bodies that until now we thought were beneath us.

In addition to the rough stuff, Trudeau also swore as he pushed his way toward Brown, saying, “Get the f*** out of my way.” Yesterday as I shot around a basketball with my grandson, he raised the topic of the ruckus. And then, knowing I had supported Trudeau in the election while he’d handed out pamphlets for the local Conservative candidate, added, “The Star published what he said.”

Do I want the prime minister’s foul-mouthed ways known by a nine-year-old? No, I do not. I can’t predict what the political future holds for Trudeau, but I do know this, to quote Winston Churchill, “This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning.”

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