The Duke of Kent

Darcy McKeough, Treasurer in the Bill Davis government, both praised and poked fun at politicians last night. During a brief speech to a crowd of more than 150 at the official launch of his memoirs, McKeough referred to his fellow “statesmen” from the Ontario Legislature while calling his federal counterparts mere “politicians.”

Attendees at the reception held at the Albany Club represented all parties and included Liberals such as Prime Minister John Turner, NDP leader Stephen Lewis and Progressive Conservatives from Queen’s Park: Premier Ernie Eves, Roy McMurtry and Gordon Carton. Federal PCs on hand were Michael Wilson and Barbara McDougall.

Among the business leaders were Red Wilson, Don Johnston, Paul Godfrey, Robert Foster, Tom Kierans and Doug Bassett. Party workers and backroom types abounded: John Laschinger, Paul Little, Tom MacMillan, Ed Mahoney, Hugh Segal, Graham Scott and Les Horswill. Former Lieutenant-Governor Hal Jackman was on hand as were journalists Fraser Kelly, Gail Scott, George Hutchison and Steve Paikin.

In his book, The Duke of Kent, McKeough tells all and spares no one, least of all himself. As a helper and editor I enjoyed working with McKeough, who is still called Treasurer by his many friends and colleagues all these years later. Congratulations, Treasurer!

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