The people are speaking

There was some confusion at the advance poll where I voted. Like a lot of people, I hadn’t received my “vote at” card in the mail so we were all lined up to go through the ID process and be verified. The wee woman behind me had white hair. She said to no one in particular: “We’ve got to get rid of the F boys.” The way she said “F boys” made the phrase sound like an expletive.

Once we got sorted away, each of us was handed a ballot the size of a kitchen-cupboard door. The ballot was further enlarged by being slid into a cardboard baffle so that when it was completed, every secret ballot would be hidden from view. I took my giant package to a seat in front of a box and looked for my candidate. Did you know there are 65 on the ballot running for mayor? 

There were way more people surging around my Ward 5 poll than I usually see on election day. I was not surprised to read later that the 28,046 voters on the first day of the advance polls was a record. I’ll tell you what that means … someone’s going to be thrown out of office. The “F boys” will not be mayor. John Tory will have a bigger majority than any of the opinion polls have so far shown.

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