The carrousel keeps turning

Apparently it’s tough being the editor of a newspaper. In recent days, both the editor of National Post, Stephen Meurice, and the editor of The Globe and Mail, John Stackhouse, have departed. I’m surprised the Post is still alive under any editor. When I left in 2001, I didn’t think it would last a year, but survive it has.

The Globe is struggling, too, but not to the same money-losing extent. Part of that battle seems to be the incapacity to keep editors-in-chief in harness. Phillip Crawley has been publisher of the Globe since 1999. The latest editor to come under his thumb, David Walmsley, is the fourth during those 15 years. People tell me that the newsroom was glad to see John Stackhouse go because he made them miserable. I’ve never worked for or with Stackhouse, but I can tell you this: I’ve toiled in four different newsrooms over the years and people are always miserable. 

What cheers me most about the Globe is today’s announcement that Paul Waldie will be the editor of Report on Business. Waldie is a wonderful writer and a stellar investigative reporter. I’m hoping that, with him at the helm, the section will find its edge again. It takes me no time at all to read the ROB because there’s nothing in it except Harvey Schacter’s seven steps to leadership and Rob Carrick’s investment advice for tots. As for the online version, you can look in the morning and check again at 5 p.m. and see precious little new material.

So, Paul, I’m sure you enjoyed living in England and covering the recent revolution in Kiev. But welcome home. I’m looking forward to more good reads as a result.

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