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  1. Dave says:


    Seems to me that Brothers Plumbing has some ‘splaining to do Rod.

    This is evocative of current economic troubles in Italy, where to keep the same landline telephone number when moving to her deceased parents’ property 10 minutes away, a friend recently had to pay 161 euros for a form which makes the request (simply asking wouldn’t do?), another 60 euros for the phone company to ‘activate’ the connection (flip a switch?), then another 40 euro for a chap to come out and check that the connection was working (open and close a box? – he never came in the house).

    To register her name on the tax roll as now being a resident of the property? Like your plumbing story, those fees escalated into a blur of stratospheric amounts.

    To be followed by gas bill registration, post office address change fee, the hydro connection fee, garbage pick-up fee, EVERYTHING had to be paid for to ‘register’.

    The kicker in all this?

    She and her siblings were already registered owners of the property and had been paying property taxes etc. for the previous seven years…

    I hope she never has to call a plumber; the (large) house is hot-water heated.

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