Slowpoke service

Well, I spoke too soon about the great service from Bell. Not only do I not yet have my promised new modem and higher-speed service, my Internet download speed has dropped to 3 megabits per second even though I am paying for 12 Mbps. I guess my current situation is better than dial-up, but not much.

Turns out my neighbourhood is not wired for the higher speed of 15 Mbps I was promised. When I last talked to Bell on Monday, they said work was going on in the area and would be completed that day. They expected my speed would by Tuesday return to where it should be – and where it was before all this started – but of course, it hasn’t. Moreover, I didn’t see any Bell trucks during the time they were supposed to be here.

In response, I’m looking into Rogers where they claim they can offer 75 megabits per second. And I already have the necessary cable connection. Hmm, 75 Mbps. If only I could think that fast, I’d really be onto something.

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