Just asking

1. What is it with this summer’s newest and most awful skirt style where the front is above the knees and the back trails like a train with a round bottom (the skirt, not the wearer, madam). Call it the skirt that couldn’t make up its mind.

2. Am I a schnook or is the La Senza ad that promotes brassieres with the slogan “Push it up real good” not just poor grammar but also poor taste?

3. Speaking of silly ads, what about the one for the new Visa Debit card – there’s an oxymoron right up there with jumbo shrimp and military intelligence. The one where different city names have debit stuffed into the middle, like Philadebitphia and SanFrandebitsco. The worst is WashingtonDebitC. Whenever I see these wacked-out names, all I can think of is people going into hock which isn’t supposed to be what these cards are all about.

4. How does General Motors spend $750 million on research and development in Canada over the next five years and not manage to create a single new job? Doesn’t someone at least have to build the facilities, clean them, run the experiments or deliver courier packages?

5. And what about the Ontario and Canadian governments? How can they stand there with straight faces and say that this expenditure in any way fulfils the terms of the billions in bailout dollars lavished on those free enterprisers, the automotive sector?

Just asking.

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