Up with lower prices

The price of gas at the pump is down to almost $1.20 per litre, nearly a twenty-cent drop in just the last two months. And have you noticed how the posted prices of all the different brands have been dropping in lock-step. Doesn’t this kind of behaviour smack of a cartel? Ever notice how this always happens with the approach of summer?

And have you also seen how much faster Big Oil shoves through price changes on the way down compared to when prices are headed up? Why, there should be a Parliamentary inquiry called into this unprecedented collapse. Or maybe a Royal Commission. Bob Rae could be chair; he certainly needs the work.

And think how these bargain prices will cause a drop in inflation. We can’t have that. Consumers might get feeling confident again and go out and buy a house. Such frisky behaviour needs to be controlled, not promoted.┬áMark Carney, are you with me on this?

In fact, I’m going to my nearest Shell station and duct-tape myself to the pump as a protest to this unwarranted activity.┬áDidn’t Big Oil realize we’d see through their pernicious ways?

Next thing you know they’ll be giving gas away by the tankful. And what will become of capitalism then?

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