The day there was no news

What the heck was that piece on page one of The Globe and Mail this morning? “Thumbs down for RIM’s shakeup” blared the headline across all five columns above the fold.

It’s not a news story, there are no quotes. It’s not an opinion piece, there is no opinion. It’s not an editorial, there is no prescription. At four paragraphs it’s too long to be a blurb, although there is a separate pointer to stories in the ROB. There’s no byline; the writer is anonymous. I can’t give you a link because I can’t find it online.

Is it a creative orphan or just old-style journalism with a promising headline followed by words that fail to deliver. Maybe the newly appointed Public Editor can look into it and let me know.

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  1. Joey Slinger says:

    It bewildered the ass off me, too.
    Maybe we just don’t understand New Media.

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