The sputtering flame

It’s been almost two months since Lloyd Robertson resigned as anchor of CTV National News. That’s long enough to conclude that his replacement, Lisa LaFlamme, doesn’t have what it takes. LaFlamme was an excellent journalist in the field but rather than make me pay attention, she renders me uneasy. I don’t like her manner, her clothes, or the slight sneer that curls her upper lip.

This is not a complaint caused by a woman taking over from a man. I like Sandie Rinaldo, CTV’s weekend anchor, and would have been happy to watch her during the week. I was one of the few who admired the job that Katie Couric did on the CBS Evening News. But as a refugee from CBC, I’m about to do the unthinkable and go back to Peter Mansbridge rather than continue to watch LaFlamme. The main reason I fled CBC, the inane items by Keith Boag from Ottawa, are no more now that Boag is in Los Angeles where he hardly gets any face time.

To keep me watching CTV news, here’s my nominee for LaFlamme’s replacement: Lynne Russell. The former CNN anchor now lives in Toronto where she works in real estate and is also Storyteller-in-Residence at Centennial College, whatever the heck that role entails. Storyteller-on-my-TV again would suit me just fine.

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