Don Fullerton 1931-2011

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  1. Geoff Fullerton says:

    Finally, someone writes an article from the heart and with true honesty, rather than blocking words to fill column space.

    You must be an incredible man to manage through your difficult times with your wife just passing away and on top of that, unselfishly taking the time to write a memorable tribute to Don Fullerton.

    I can see why you two formed a bond as you both have high intellect (Never admitted to the big guy as it went directly to his head, never to leave) and a desire to challenge those that dare to step in the ring.

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Geoff Fullerton, 2nd oldest son of Donald. As you have experienced and can relate, I to have challenged my father on many worldly issues and in depth conversations that most often end in his favor. These were purely unselfish reasons that allowed me to sit back while he assumed control.

    Your article in the Globe and Mail is so true to his life. Your wit and honesty inspire me to write to you to express my gratitude.

    A few years back, I completed my first novel that took five years to complete. I cannot imagine writing as you do. The book is now in the hands of my son and those that I love. As you have provided to me, I to have opened a window into my life that can be passed on to my son and his grand children. Information that will not appear in an obituary but something created from the heart with a lot of humor. The book is a testament to the way my father lived his life. No challenge was ever to big, just do it and stop whining.

    After reading many articles in tribute to my father, I now realize how little we know about those we love.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions for someone I truly love.

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