Two questions

Whenever I bring out a new book, people always ask two questions. First, what’s next? It’s a crazy question, really. I’ve just spent four years on this project. Couldn’t we enjoy the moment?

Second question is: How’s it doing? I’m delighted to report that in its second week of availability my book seems to be doing very well. The Globe and Mail today says “BlackBerry” is #2 on the business best-seller list, right behind “Who Moved My Cheese?” which has been off and on the lists since it was first published in 1998.

On “BlackBerry” is ranked #54, not bad when you consider they have hundreds of thousands of books in the warehouse, ready to ship. Click on the link above, buy the book, and keep it moving up.

And, as soon as I know what’s next, you’ll read about it right here.

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