Radio GaGa

In the last two weeks I’ve talked about my new book on more than 40 radio stations across Canada from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. The most efficient time spent was doing what’s called Radio Syndication at CBC. From a Toronto studio the size of a broom closet I taped 11 ten-minute interviews, one after another, in a three-hour blitz.┬áThe marathon included Corner Brook, Sydney, Sudbury, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Yellowknife, Vancouver, Prince George/Prince Rupert, Kelowna and Victoria.

The hosts in all 40+ cases were, without fail, genial and gracious. Radio is a great connector in this country. Hockey might be Canada’s passion, but radio is our friend and mentor. As Freddie Mercury of Queen sang in Radio Gaga, “Everything I had to know, I heard it on the radio.”

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