Ready for takeoff

Look at those two men, Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis, co-CEOs of Research In Motion, on the back cover of my new book. Don’t they look ready for takeoff? Well, so’s BlackBerry: The Inside Story of Research In Motion.

Regular readers of this blog will see a visual change. With BlackBerry due to be published on March 2, it was time to move on from Manulife, which was published last May. In the days ahead, I’ll be talking more about BlackBerry and RIM. Meanwhile, I can tell you I’ve enjoyed working on this book during the last three years. Much of what I’ve written has never before been told at all, let alone in such compelling detail. I had excellent access to the co-CEOs as well as other members of the executive team and RIM employees.

RIM is an innovative company that has grown from 100 employees in 1997 to more than 12,000 today. If only Canada had more such entrepreneurial global players.

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