1984 and all that

It’s hard to imagine a more lamebrained idea than the one that has just been launched at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont. So-called facilitators have been appointed whose job it is to monitor conversations on campus for racist or homophobic content. If such felonious phrases are overheard, the facilitator is supposed to step into the circle of perpetrators and lecture all concerned about the impropriety of such statements.

What’s next? The Bad Breath Brigade? A swat team to wake up students asleep in class?

This at a university that’s just cancelled Homecoming celebrations because almost 200 were arrested in a melee involving throngs of drunken students and rabblerousers. This at an institution struggling to find a new principal at a time when twenty such openings exist across Canada.

This is political correctness taken to ludicrous extremes.

I predict the speech police will last until the first one gets punched in the proboscis.

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