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Shortly after establishing this blog a year ago when Fantasy in Florence was first published, I realized that the question asked most often was: Where can I buy your book? As an author, this is always a frustration. You like to scream, “In a bookstore, what do you think?”

But I hold my tongue and make suggestions. As part of being helpful, I decided to put a link on this site to one of the online possibilities, so I checked out and discovered delivery took three-to-five weeks, far longer than it would take to read the book.

By contrast, had immediate delivery. Price was about the same at both sites, more than one-third off, so it was a no brainer. Click on the link under the book and you’ll be taken to for speediest delivery.

I just heard something recently that may explain why takes so much longer to deliver a book. The warehouse is in Nashville, Tennessee! So much for the firm’s pro-Canada posture. Most of my books are bought by people who live within 200 km of Toronto and I don’t imagine the numbers are too much different for other authors. The rationale behind forcing publishers, most of whom are located in Toronto, to ship books by truck across the Canada-U.S. border only to have them come back the same slow route for order fulfillment is beyond me.

Meanwhile, remains your swiftest source.

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