La vera storia d’amore

If there’s one thing an author enjoys (beyond giving readers pleasure), it’s hearing that an interview went well and the published description aptly captures the subject. Such was the news in an email I recently received from Sandra Cemulini who runs an exclusive travel agency you can read about at

Ms. Cemulini knows Stefano Bemer, the custom shoe maker who I spent some time with in Florence watching him work and seeing his passion for the leathers, skins, hides and other items he uses for his creations. Stefano is such a pleasure to be with that Daniel Day-Lewis, who played Helen Bonham Carter’s affianced in everyone’s favorite movie about Florence, Room with a View, spent almost a year in Stefano’s shop making the maestro a pair of shoes while his own order was being filled. Here’s what Ms. Cemulini wrote in her email to me:

“I really enjoyed your book, I am good friends with Mario and Stefano Bemer, and they asked me to read it and then tell them about it. I did, you could not have painted a more real picture of Stefano! I would read it and comment with my dear friend who is British but has lived in Florence for thirty years, I explained that Canadians are a little bit in between Americans and English. We had some good laughs. I recommend your book to potential clients of mine – we own an agency which designs all-inclusive vacations in Italy, mainly Tuscany. So thank you for a wonderful book.

But I do need to tell you that what I loved most about your book was ‘la vera storia d’amore,’ please tell Sandy that your love story is something most women can only dream about.

Many good wishes per un Felice Anno Nuovo.”

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