Readers write

I’ve never before written a book that elicited so much positive feedback as Fantasy in Florence. In the past, my non-fiction work has been about:

  • entire industries such as banking and insurance;
  • things that went bump in the night – the Confederation Life fiasco and the Sinc Stevens conflict of interest scandal;
  • bios and business families – The Eatons, Martha Billes of Canadian Tire and Edgar Bronfman Jr., the man who couldn’t drink straight.

Fantasy in Florence is different. On the surface, it’s a journal about our time there, but it’s really about how to live and how to feel.

As a result, people don’t just comment, they enthuse. Here are a few examples, with the names represented only by initials because people weren’t speaking for attribution, as the journalists would say.

“Loved the book. Florence has always been a favorite city of mine and your book just made me love it that much more.” – JL

“A most enjoyable discovery of your time there and so very well illustrated. It brought back so many memories.” – HM

“This is a love story. I cried at the end.” – SK

Grazie mille.

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