Coming Home

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  1. Peter Plant says:

    In 1999 my dad wrote to me in London England to tell me he was reading a book entitled “Eatons” quoting a quote in it from Conrad Black which light-heartedly denigrated the famous school UCC and the kind of graduate it produced. Mistakenly thinking the book was written by Conrad Black I went searching for it on google and of course found nothing but books by CB. My dad died before I could ask him about the book further. Today, after noticing my dad, in his letter, had actually said CB “has a paragraph in it” I changed my search and was successful! If for anything I’m going to read it for that paragraph and delight in CB’s lambasting of the “waspy, snotty playpen for Rosedale and Forest Hill” as I know so many of its alumnae. (I lived in Rosedale but went to Jarvis Collegiate. Ha ha.)

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